Series: Series of photographic negatives and prints

1 Jan 1723 - 20 Feb 1968
Series containing Photographic and Electronic material
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A series of over 24000 images dating from the early 1870s to the 1960s, the vast majority dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The subject matter is broad in scope, but with an emphasis on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. In many cases, Bedford Lemere & Co. were commissioned by architects/builders/owners to photograph newly constructed or refurbished buildings, often providing a full record of a site. There are many views of country house interiors and exteriors, the interiors of passenger liners (including HMS Ophir and the Mauretania), The Royal Train, people at work in offices and factories (notably armament factories during the First World War) and some ecclesiastical buildings. Coverage is national, but with an emphasis on London.


This is part of the Collection: HBL01 The Bedford Lemere Collection

This Series is divided into 24,566 Child Records
This Series contains the following materials:
Photograph (Albumen Print): 3,692
Photograph (Developing Out Paper Print): 31
Photograph (Gelatine Print): 133
Photograph (Negative): 21,206
Photograph (Platinum Print): 63
Photograph (Print): 1,914
Photograph (Printing Out Paper Print): 5
Photograph (Transparency): 25
Photograph (Digital): 24,522


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