Series: The 'Blue Albums'

1870s - 1980s
Series containing Photographic and Textual material
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This large photographic series is organised by site in usually blue albums (hence its name) or as un-mounted prints placed in files. There are 769 albums and 970 files altogether.

Created by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works using their own and earlier photographs, and maintained and added to by successor bodies such as the Department of the Environment and English Heritage, the collection documents work undertaken on properties in care and government stock. Images typically show the sites and buildings before, during and after repair, restoration, or conservation. There are also shots of archaeological excavations and finds.

The albums were apparently initiated by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works, drawing upon their own photographs and images from predecessor bodies such as the Office of Works and Ministry of Works. Photographs continued to be added, but perhaps less systematically, by the Department of the Environment up to the1970s at which time the files appear to have been opened. The files continued to accrue images from the Department of the Environment and English Heritage until the end of the 1980s.

All the albums for EH properties and sites (some 405 albums) have been catalogued. In addition, the files for certain English Heritage sites have also been catalogued: work is continuing.


This is part of the Collection: OWS01 Office of Works and Successors: Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings

This Series is divided into 1,720 Volumes and 1 Child Record
This Series contains the following materials:
Photograph Album: 769
File: 970


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