Series: Phillip Edmund Wills Street Collection, Negatives

1719 - 2013
Series containing Photographic and Textual material
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A series of negatives showing sites in London, Bexley, Bromley, Eltham, St Mary Cray, Foots Cray, Orpington in Kent, and various sites across Bristol and Bath. The sites are a mixture of secular, often country houses or historic buildings and ecclesiastical, predominantly post-medieval London churches. Many of the sites are in the process of, or are under threat of, demolition and as such, the photographs are an important record of pre-war architecture in these areas. This is especially true in the areas around south-east London, for example St Mary Cray, where there has been extensive redevelopment and building. In London, where some of the photographs were taken in the 1960s, the images are an interesting record of post-war restoration in the capital.

The photographs in Bath focus on Somerset Place which, according to a hand drawn map amongst his correspondence, appears to have been owned, or at least lived in, by Street or his relatives.

Although the majority of the images were photographed by Street on site, a small number are photographs of existing images (usually late 19th century) and artworks. In these instances Street has recorded as such in his own notes.

With the main run of negatives, focusing on Bexley, Bromley, Eltham, St Mary Cray, Foots Cray, Orpington, Bath and Bristol, Street has recorded detailed notes including the date, location, a brief history of the site, and the direction of view for each image. These notes have been transcribed into the scope and content field for individual images. Where he says 'Ditto', he refers to the image immediately preceding the current one in accordance with his original archive numbering system. Street often made additions to these notes (in red ink to distinguish from his original black), normally to note changes that have occurred to the scene since the image was taken through demolition or alteration and these have also been transcribed.

For the images of London, which have their own numbering systems, the notes are recorded on the back of the print or on separate sheets of paper but have also been transcribed.

The majority of the negatives have a print version, often marked 'proof only' on the back. Additionally, the prints of London churches are annotated on the front, detailing the date and name of each site.

There are also a number of prints in the Red Box Collection, the reference number of which has been noted as an alternative reference number where present.


This is part of the Collection: PEW01 Phillip Edmund Wills Street Collection

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Photographer: Street, Philip Edmund Wills