Series: Early Photographic Print Collection: Kent

1850 - 1985
Series containing Photographic, Graphic and Electronic material
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A series of 884 items, predominantly photographic prints, showing locations from across the geographical county of Kent. There are additionally 54 copy negatives.

Two images of Canterbury Cathedral (OP15733 and OP15734)are catalogued under the Avon series as they are mounted to the back of a board which has an image of Bristol Cathedral.


This is part of the Collection: RBO01 Early Photographic Print Collection

This Series is divided into 958 Child Records
This Series contains the following materials:
Photograph (Albumen Print): 165
Photograph (Carbon Print): 9
Photograph (Collotype Print): 9
Photograph (Developing Out Paper Print): 57
Photograph (Negative): 54
Photograph (Platinum Print): 10
Photograph (Postcard - Photographic): 36
Photograph (Print): 480
Photograph (Printing Out Paper Print): 107
Print - Mechanical: 11
Photograph (Digital): 6


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