Series: Urban Development Corporation Survey, Tyne and Wear (Wearside)

Circa 1990
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During the early 1980s a number of Urban Development Corporations were established in English cities, their objective being the economic regeneration of declining urban areas. With the certain replacement of some of the built environment, it was decided by The Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, to carry out a rapid recording exercise in several UDC areas. Surveys were conducted in Bristol; the Black Country; Leeds; Sheffield; Teeside; Tyne and Wear, with this particular project concentrating on Leeds and resulting in the publication 'An Architectural Survey of Urban Development Corporation Areas. Tyne and Wear, volume two: Wearside', (RCHME 1992).

The archive for each area covered by RCHME comprises a summary record of all buildings of historical or architectural interest dating from before 1945.


This is part of the Collection: RCH01 Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) Archive

This Series is divided into 5 Child Volumes


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