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The collection contains notes, drawings, photographs and maps made or compiled by staff of the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England (RCHME) during their research for the county inventory volumes. It forms a detailed and extensive record of historic buildings and monuments in many areas of the country.

Under the terms of its Royal Warrant, the RCHME (founded in 1908) was required to: 'make an inventory of the ancient and historical monuments and constructions...of England, excluding Monmouthshire, from the earliest times to the year 1700'. The following Inventories were published: Buckinghamshire (2 volumes) 1912-13; Cambridgeshire (2 volumes) 1968-72; City of Cambridge (2 volumes) 1959; City of Oxford (1 volume) 1939; City of Salisbury (1 volume) 1981; City of York (5 volumes) 1962-81; Dorset (5 volumes) 1952-75; Essex (4 volumes) 1916-23; Gloucestershire: Cotswolds (1 volume) 1976; Herefordshire (3 volumes) 1931-34; Hertfordshire (1 volume) 1910; Huntingdonshire (1 volume) 1926; London (5 volumes) 1924-1930; Middlesex (1 volume) 1937; Northamptonshire (6 volumes) 1976-1984; Town of Stamford (1 volume) 1977; Westmorland (1 volume) 1936. The collection also includes material created for planned but unpublished volumes, including Wiltshire; the Soke of Peterborough; Hampshire; South Cambridgeshire; and others.

A full set of the published inventory volumes is available at the Historic England library. The monuments in each volume are organised by civil parish. Parishes in each volume are listed alphabetically. The monuments listed in each parish are individually numbered. The published inventory volumes therefore provide the index to this collection.


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