Volume: Hadrian's Wall Project

1989 - 1997
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
Volume containing Graphic, Textual and Miscellaneous material
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1:2500 and 1:1250 earthwork survey, carried out by RCHME Newcastle between 1989 and 1990.

Contents : 118 overlays with map sheets, exhibition material, plan, user guide, 36 files which relate to the overlays, card index bibliography Condition : SATISFACTORY Note: 2 measured surveys should be with AF0662368. Files AF00123/1 - AF00123/19 formed a working document for staff in the English Heritage Newcastle Office during survey work along Hadrian's Wall. It was agreed that this group of files should be archived as they are a useful key to the overlays.


This is part of the Series: RCH01/109 Hadrian's Wall Project; within the Collection: RCH01 Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) Archive

This Volume is divided into 129 Child Records
This Volume contains the following materials:
Measured Survey: 6
Measured Survey: 2
Overlay: 118
File: 36
Project Documentation: 19
Miscellaneous: 121


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People & Organisations

Surveyor: Blood, Keith: Royal Commission On The Historical Monuments Of England

Surveyor: Mackay, Donnie: Royal Commission On The Historical Monuments Of England

Surveyor: Bowden, Mark: Royal Commission On The Historical Monuments Of England

Surveyor: Topping, Peter: Royal Commission On The Historical Monuments Of England


Uncertain Boundary Bank, Roman Bath House, Roman Baths, Roman Barrow Cemetery, Later Prehistoric Carved Stone, Roman Carved Stone, Medieval Fortified Manor House, Roman Fortlet, Roman Fort, Iron Age Ditch, Medieval Ditch, Uncertain Ditch, Roman Dedication Stone, Post Medieval Farmhouse, Iron Age Enclosure, Medieval Enclosure, Roman Enclosure, Roman Enclosed Settlement, Iron Age Field System, Medieval Field System, Post Medieval Field System, Post Medieval Farmstead, Early Med. Or Later Building, Post Medieval Building, Roman Building, Uncertain Building, Early Medieval Cemetery, Medieval Cultivation Terrace, Roman Culvert, Medieval Curtain Wall, Roman Cremation Cemetery, Roman Cremation, Later Prehistoric Cord Rig, Uncertain Cist, Medieval Church, Roman Cinerary Urn, Roman Centurial Stone, Roman Altar, Roman Bridge, Roman Road, Medieval Ridge And Furrow, Post Medieval Ridge And Furrow, Early Med. Or Later Rectangular Enclosure, Medieval Rectangular Enclosure, Post Medieval Rectangular Enclosure, Medieval Shieling, Post Medieval Shieling, Roman Milestone, Uncertain Milestone, Medieval Moat, Roman Mithraeum, Roman Mixed Cemetery, Post Medieval Mine Shaft, Roman Milecastle, Medieval Orchard, Uncertain Natural Feature, Medieval Motte, Uncertain Mound, Post Medieval Quarry, Roman Quarry, Roman Gate, Medieval Garden, Post Medieval House, Medieval Holy Well, Post Medieval Holy Well, Medieval Kiln, Roman Inscribed Stone, Uncertain Inscribed Stone, Roman Hypocaust, Prehistoric Or Roman Hut Circle Settlement, Prehistoric Or Roman Hut Circle, Roman Hut Circle, Roman Farmstead, 20th Century Flood Defences, Later Prehistoric Findspot, Roman Findspot, Uncertain Findspot, Medieval Wall, Roman Wall, Uncertain Wall, Roman Vallum, Roman Vicus, Roman Turret, Uncertain Trench, Roman Watermill, Bronze Age Round Barrow, Prehistoric Or Roman Round Barrow, Post Medieval Stock Enclosure, Bronze Age Stone Circle, Bronze Age Standing Stone, Roman Statue, Medieval Square Enclosure, Uncertain Square Enclosure, Roman Signal Station, Uncertain Site, Roman Tombstone, Medieval Tower House, Roman Tower, Medieval Tithe Barn, Post Medieval Toll House, Roman Temple, Roman Temporary Camp, Uncertain Quarry, Uncertain Platform, Medieval Pele Tower