Volume: RCHME: Stonehenge Visitor Centre Project, Wiltshire

1 Feb 1991 - 9 May 1991
Volume containing Graphic, Textual and Miscellaneous material
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RCHME Swindon Air Photography Unit carried out a transcription of a block of land some 20 kms square centred on Stonehenge in 1991. The work was done at the request of Timothy Darvill Archaeological Consultants as part of the environmental assessment commissioned by English Heritage with regard to the establishment of a visitor centre.

Contents : 30 AP transcriptions, 3 overlays, report, correspondence, research material, survey data, computer plots, record sheets Condition : SATISFACTORY


This is part of the Series: RCH01/001 RCHME Archaeological Requests; within the Collection: RCH01 Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) Archive

This Volume is divided into 17 Child Records
This Volume contains the following materials:
Aerial Photograph Transcription: 30
Overlay: 3
Report: 1


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People & Organisations

Air Photograph Interpreter: Palmer, Rog: Rchme Swindon

Compiler: Miller, Andrew: Rchme Swindon

Customer: Timothy Darvill Archaeological Consultants

Air Photograph Interpreter: Crutchley, Simon: Rchme Swindon

Air Photograph Interpreter: Stoertz, Cathy: Rchme Swindon