Volume: Picturing Lockdown Collection: Artists' Submissions - Anand Chhabra

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The Picturing Lockdown Collection was created during April and May 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This group of seven images, representing the West Midlands region, was created by the artist Anand Chhabra over the course of five days, to represent their experience of the lockdown. Alongside their submissions, the artist wrote the following to describe their creative approach to the project:

"Beginning as soon as permission is granted and I will start with the design and delivery of the project, using my technical and storytelling skills to share their experiences through the medium of photos I would like to focus on daily themes that have impacted and intensified the simplicity of my life and so that everyone can identify with my work. I’ll look at themes like identity, family, food, health and positive encounters as well as the found reality that I can explore, photograph and document on my daily walk. Changes in attitude and daily life will be captured by focussing on each of the above themes for a week. At the end of the week project, as artist I will draw on material to produce a visual narrative that gives voice to the unheard streets in this part of the West Midlands, both now and for posterity.

This project will therefore provide a quality experience as people isolated will have opportunity to identify with the images I take and feel strongly about given their current situation."


This is part of the Sub Series: HEC01/036/02 Picturing Lockdown Collection - Artists' Submissions; within the Series: HEC01/036 Picturing Lockdown Collection; within the Collection: HEC01 Historic England

This Volume is divided into 7 Child Records
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Photographer: Chhabra, Anand