Volume: Picturing Lockdown Collection: Artists' Submissions - Polly Braden

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The Picturing Lockdown Collection was created during April and May 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This group of five images, representing the Central London region, was created by the artist Polly Braden over the course of five days, to represent her experience of the lockdown. Alongside her submissions, the artist wrote the following to describe her creative approach to the project:

"I am using my daily exercise during lockdown to cycle through the City of London. In 2019 I published a book with Hoxton Mini press, London’s Square Mile, A Secret City. It was over 12 years work photographing people framed by the architecture of the City. To witness it without its citizens is uncanny.

I will photograph the lines of the buildings reaching the ground without the usual interruption of people and cars, the glass and metal buildings reflecting light onto the older sandstone ones, the eerie quiet, the city as a film set, clean, as drawn by the architect, before reality brings back human buzz, mess and chaos and we all return to life."


This is part of the Sub Series: HEC01/036/02 Picturing Lockdown Collection - Artists' Submissions; within the Series: HEC01/036 Picturing Lockdown Collection; within the Collection: HEC01 Historic England

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Photographer: Braden, Polly