Volume: Cleeve Abbey, Washford, Somerset

1904 - 2010
Cleeve Abbey, Abbey Road, Old Cleeve, Washford, West Somerset, Somerset
Volume containing Graphic material


282 drawings dating from 1904 to 2010 relating to the care, maintenance and management of the abbey.

Coverage includes: a survey of the refectory roof, 1953; plans of the abbey 1955, 1958 and 1971; plan of the coach house, 1956; plans and sections for sewage drainage, 1954; proposed conversion of stables to the custodian's office, 1956; publication plans, 1950s and 1969; excavations in the cloister area, 1960; new lavatories, 1950s; refectory floors and windows, 1962; two proposals for new car parks, 1963; proposed custodian's hut, 1963-1964; alterations to the driveway and proposed new gates, 1965; survey of the bridge and river, 1968; excavations in the nave, 1972; proposed display area, 1978; photogrammetric survey of the dorter and undercroft, 1979; survey of the dorter and reredorter 1983-1984; survey of woodwork decay in an empty cottage, 1980s; repair or construction of a vaulted area, 1979-1983; plans of the gatehouse, 1980s; excavation plans and sections, 1979-1982; survey of trees, 1988; construction details for education rooms and its furniture, 1987-1988; electrical and water services to the ticket office, garage and toilets, 1985; topographical survey, 1988 and 1994; elevation of a window in the common room, 1988; rectified photographic elevations of the cloister, 1993; photogrammetric survey of the east and west ranges, 1996-1997; rectified photographic elevations of the refectory and farmhouse ranges, 1998; internal elevations of the refectory, 1998-2000; survey of the precinct walls, 1998; photogrammetric survey of the porter's lodge, 1999; site infrastructure plan for the 2000 Conservation Plan; restricted plans showing the installation layout of fire and security systems, 2003-2004; drawings of a new tile cover and guttering for the refectory, 2004-2007; measured survey of walls of the abbey, 2005-2010.

There are twelve oversized sheets.

Archival History

The collection is housed in four card folders.


This is part of the Series: EHC01/022 English Heritage Plans and Measured Drawings; within the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive

This Volume is divided into 27 Jobs and 66 Child Records
This Volume contains the following materials:
Drawn Material: 9
Excavation Drawing: 9
Excavation Plan: 15
Map: 3
Measured Drawing: 127
Measured Survey: 22
Photogrammetric Survey: 78
Rectified Photography: 14
Sketch: 1
Sketch Plan: 5


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Medieval Abbey, Medieval Cistercian Monastery