Volume: The Grange, Northington, Hampshire

1868 - Apr 1998
The Grange, Northington, The Grange Park, Winchester, Hampshire
Volume containing Photographic, Graphic and Textual material
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389 sheets of measured drawings, surveys, maps and correspondence relating to The Grange, Northington, and ranging in date from 1868 to April 1998. The earliest drawings show The Grange and the stables before and after the alterations of 1868-1870. The majority of the remaining sheets date from the 1970s, and include measured surveys and drawings of the site undertaken by Plowman Craven and Associates, and the Department of the Environment. There are a number of drawings of the mouldings at The Grange and the Orangery, also dating from the 1970s.

A large number of drawings are new and revised sheets produced by Gilmore Hankey Kirke Partnership between 1979 and 1985, relating to consolidation and repairs.

Later drawings show works to the west elevation of the east block of The Grange, drawings showing electrical services, lightning protection, lighting and power, from the 1980s, a selection of diagrams of roof trusses, dating from the late twentieth century, photographs showing exterior views from The Grange, from February 1997, and plans of the building, created in April 1998.


This is part of the Series: EHC01/022 English Heritage Plans and Measured Drawings; within the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive

This Volume is divided into 20 Jobs and 166 Child Records
This Volume contains the following materials:
Photograph (Print): 3
Annotated Map: 4
Map: 4
Measured Drawing: 246
Measured Survey: 100
Photogrammetric Survey: 7
Rectified Photography: 8
Sketch: 1
Correspondence: 1
Published Material: 1


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