Conservation Bulletin 44

The Archaeology of Conflict

This issue of Conservation Bulletin focuses on the Archaeology of Conflict.


  • The archaeology of conflict: Introduction by Richard Morris p2
  • Military archaeology: Past practice – future directions p4
  • Public archaeology: Defended areas of World War II p8
  • Coastal defence: Monitoring military sites on the Yorkshire coast p12
  • Landguard Fort and batteries: Conservation and management p15
  • PoW camps: What survives and where p18
  • Harperley PoW Camp: Memories and monuments p22
  • Principles of defence: Military trenches p26
  • Airfields and aviation buildings: A national assessment p28
  • Historic military aviation sites: Management guidance p32
  • Military aircraft crash sites: Management guidance p34
  • Dockyard archaeology: The Royal Naval Bases at Portsmouth and Devonport p36
  • Corsham stone mines: Former military use and proposed development p37
  • The Cold War: What to preserve and why p40
  • Images of the Cold War: Combat art p43
  • The ROC HQ at Acomb: Presenting the recent past p45
  • The archaeology of opposition: Greenham Common and Peace Camp, Nevada p47
  • Military records: Defence sites in the collections of the NMR p50
  • News from the NMR p52
  • Military links with parks and gardens p56
  • Legal developments p59
  • Notes p60
  • Publications p63

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed


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