Conservation Bulletin 56

Modern Times

For many younger people, the buildings and landscapes of the late 20th century are already heritage. So where does the historic environment begin and end?


  • Editorial p2
  • Images of Change p3
  • Change and creation p3
  • The post-industrial sublime p5
  • Social Landscapes p7
  • Post-war suburbs p7
  • New townscapes p9
  • The car: agent of transformation p11
  • People we knew p13
  • The M1 p13
  • Opinion p14
  • Profitable Landscapes p15
  • Prairies and sheds? p15
  • Cars and chips p17
  • The ‘Sunrise Strip’ p20
  • Broadmead: art and heritage p21
  • Opinion p22
  • Political Landscapes p23
  • Recreating London p23
  • Artists and airmen p25
  • Hidden heritage p27
  • Architecture for the Welfare State p28
  • England’s atomic age p31
  • Opinion p32
  • Leisure and Pleasure p33
  • Taking a break p33
  • Popular music p35
  • Where the action was p36
  • The late 20th-century seabed p37
  • Making memoryscapes p38
  • Opinion p38
  • ‘It’s Turned Out Nice Again’ p39
  • Sex and shopping p41
  • News p41
  • The National Monuments Record p44
  • Legal Developments p46
  • New Publications p47

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed


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