Conservation Bulletin 59

The Old and the New

Protecting the past and championing innovative change have for too long seemed at implacable odds. At last we are realising that the old and the new can co-exist in creative harmony.


  • Editorial p2
  • Continuity and Innovation p3
  • The pace of change p3
  • Continuity and context p6
  • Innovation, context and congruity p9
  • The new in harmony with the old p11
  • New Understanding p14
  • Conservation Principles p14
  • The setting of historic assets p16
  • Seeing the history in the view p18
  • The Curator’s Story p21
  • New English Heritage buildings in historic places p21
  • Building for tomorrow’s visitors p23
  • Shock of the New (and Nearly New) p26
  • Post-war designation: waiting for the dust to settle? p26
  • Post-war designation: some recent case studies p28
  • Robin Hood Gardens p30
  • St Pancras p31
  • Birmingham’s Bull Ring p34
  • The Rotunda, Birmingham p36
  • The Angel of the North p38
  • Constructive Conservation in Practice p41
  • News p42
  • The National Monuments Record p44
  • Legal Developments p46
  • New Publications p47

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed


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