A History of Royal Jubilees in Public Parks

By David Lambert

England’s public parks and gardens have played a central role in the celebration and the commemoration of royal jubilees for more than two hundred years. The roll call of jubilee gardens, coronation parks, queen's parks and parks named after princes and princesses reflect these special associations from the Victorian era to modern times.

This brief history has been commissioned as a contribution to Her Majesty the Queen’s own Diamond Jubilee celebrations and we hope it stimulates a new appreciation of the very special contribution local parks make to the life of our towns and cities.





The Victoria jubilees

   The development of public parks

   Victoria and Albert

   Children’s events

   Fireworks and beacons

   Celebrations and the military

   Park management for the celebrations

   Park openings and the jubilees

   Jubilee memorials

   Celebratory planting

   An alternative memorial

The 20th-century jubilees

   King George V Fields

   The 1935 celebrations

   New parks and the 1935 jubilee

   1977 jubilee exhibitions and events

   New parks and the 1977 jubilee

The 21st-century jubilees



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