Managing Earthwork Monuments

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This guidance manual covers the conservation and repair of archaeological earthworks in grassland management. Its focus is those grasslands that have remained largely undisturbed as unimproved or semi-improved permanent pasture. These are characteristic of the study area, Hadrian's Wall, where the best surviving archaeological earthworks tend to be in these land-uses. However, the methods described in the manual will be of use in other grassland situations.

The manual has been prepared with a review of methods in the United Kingdom and some of the advice is specific to this country (e.g. wildlife legislation). However, the guidance manual is relevant to the management of archaeological earthworks in grassland settings in similar climatic regions of north-west Europe and elsewhere in the world.


  • Part A: Introduction
  • Part B: Condition Assessment and Monitoring
  • Part C: Management Issues
  • Appendix A: Repairing Erosion Scars
  • Appendix B: A Guide to Stocking Level for Lowland Grassland
  • Appendix C: List of Suppliers

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  • Publication Status: Completed


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