Marine Spatial Planning and the Historic Environment

A report for English Heritage

By Antony Firth

This is the end report of a project commissioned as part of the National Heritage Protection Plan; produced by Fjordr Ltd for English Heritage. It characterises marine spatial planning methodology applied to the historic environment.


  • Executive Summary
  • Part 1: Introduction
    1. Background
    2. Research Aim and Objectives
    3. Methodology
  • Part 2: The Historic Environment , Marine Spatial Planning, Ecosystems and Socio-Economics
    4. The Historic Environment
    4.1. Scope
    4.2. Environment
    4.3. Economy
    4.4. Society
    4.5. The Historic Environment and Sustainable Development Policy
    5. Marine Spatial Planning
    6. Ecosystem-Based Management
    7. Ecosystem Services
    8. Socio-Economics
    8.1. Socio-Economic Assessment
    8.2. Socio-Economic Benefits of Marine Planning
  • Part 3: Law and Policy relating to MSP and the Historic Environment in England
    9. Global International Law
    9.1. World Heritage Convention
    General requirement to protect heritage through planning
    World Heritage Sites
    Marine World Heritage Sites
    Protection and Management of WHS in England
    9.2. UNESCO Convention on Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage
    10. European International Law
    10.1. Valletta Convention
    10.2. European Landscape Convention
    10.3. FARO Convention
    10.4. CEMAT
    11. European Union
    11.1. Overview
    11.2. EU Treaty
    11.3. EU Strategy
    11.4. DG MARE: Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
    Integrated Maritime Policy
    Blue Growth
    Maritime Spatial Planning
    11.5. DG ENV: Directorate-General for the Environment
    Marine Strategy Framework Directive
    Integrated Coastal Zone Management
    Environmental Impact Assessment Directive
    Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive
    11.6. DG REGIO: Directorate-General for Regional Policy
    European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP)
    Territorial Agenda
    12. National (UK)
    12.1. Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009
    12.2. Our Seas - A Shared Resource: High level marine objectives
    12.3. UK Marine Policy Statement
    12.4. UK Implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive
    13. Country/state (England)
    13.1. Marine Spatial Planning
    MSP in England
    Strategic Scoping Report for Marine Planning in England
    MMO Strategic Evidence Plan
    13.2. Land-based Spatial Planning in England
    National Planning Policy Framework
    Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents
    13.3. National Strategic Infrastructure Projects
    14. Local/regional
    14.1. East Marine Plans
    Evidence and Issues Overview Report
    Draft Vision and Objectives
    14.2. C-SCOPE Marine Plan
  • Part 4: Processes, Policies and Implementation
    15. A Comparison of Provisions: background information
    16. Sharing Experience: MSP Seminar
    17. Plan-Making and Decision-Taking
    17.1. Marine Plan Policies and Decision-Taking
    17.2. Processes of Plan-Making
    17.3. Supporting Work
  • Part 5: References and Appendices
  • Appendix I: MSP Seminar - List of Participants
  • Appendix II: MSP Seminar - Summary
  • Appendix III: MSP Seminar - Seminar Report
  • Appendix IV: Dealing with the Historic Environment in Marine Plans

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 125


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