Places of Health and Amusement: Liverpool's historic parks and gardens

By Katy Layton-Jones, Robert Lee

This book explores the rich legacy of parks in Liverpool, from the forgotten open spaces of the 18th century town, through the pioneering creation of a 'ribbon of parks' in the 19th century, a period of decline after the Second World War, to the situation today. 

Attractively illustrated with archive and contemporary photographs and drawings, the book shows how parks have been used and enjoyed, how they have changed to meet new challenges and ideas, and how the arguments used to justify their creation in the 19th century are being used again to spark a revival in their fortunes and future.



1.  The origin of Liverpool’s parks

                  Prospects and pleasure gardens

                  Private Space: garden squares

                  Interest in Science: botanic gardens and zoological gardens

                  Private parks and public access

2. Liverpool’s lungs: the creation of the ribbon of parks

                   Public health and public space

                   ‘A ribbon of parks’

                   Newsham Park

                   Stanley  Park

                   Sefton Park

                   Servicing the parks: public facilities and park maintenance

3.  Recreation and war

                    Tourism and sport


4.  Decline and revival

                      A period of decline

                      The revival of Liverpool’s parks and open spaces

                      Current concerns and future opportunities

                      Learning lessons from the past: parks, open spaces and the public
                      image of Liverpool


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Additional Information

  • Series: Informed Conservation
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 96
  • Illustrations: 85, Colour and b&w
  • Product Code: 51333
  • ISBN: 9781848023154 (e-book)


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