Building a Better Society: Liverpool's historic institutional buildings

By Colum Giles

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Liverpool's landscape, both in the city centre and throughout its historic suburbs, is studded with institutional buildings, some - like the great hospitals - very prominent, others - like Sunday Schools and chapels - punctuating ordinary street scenes.  All, however, tell the story of how charity and public authorities responded to the desperate need of the poor and vulnerable in the 19th century.

Attractively illustrated by photographs and drawings, this book emphasises the importance of institutional buildings to our understanding of Liverpool's character and demonstrates how new uses can be found to ensure that they continue to form part of the city's historic environment.  



1. Introduction

2. Government and charity in 19th-century Liverpool

            The challenge of a new society

            Charity and Liverpool’s wealthy elite

3. The poor and institutional life: Kirkdale and the wider urban scene

            Kirkdale before 1850

            Kirkdale and Liverpool in the second half of the 19th century

            Law and religion          


            Education: institutes for young people

            Education: institutes for adults, libraries


4. Institutions in the suburbs: the landscape of competition

5. Liverpool: special character, special needs, special places

            The port city

            Helping the disadvantaged and vulnerable

            An institutional landscape: Mosslake Fields

            Liverpool’s place in the world

6. Institutions, charity and conservation in the 21st century


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  • Series: Informed Conservation
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 96
  • Illustrations: 93, Colour and b&w
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  • ISBN: 9781873592908 (Paperback - Out of Print) | eISBN: 9781848023116 (ePub)


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