How to Make a Contribution to Enrich the List

Enriching The List is a virtual volunteering project that enables users of the National Heritage List for England (NHLE) to share their knowledge and photos of listed buildings and other protected heritage sites on The List. Find out more about Enriching the List.

This page provides information on adding content to The List, including what to add, how to add it, how it will be moderated and our privacy policy.

When submitting information, please be concise, relevant and of course polite.

On this page:

What resources are available to help me?

There is a comprehensive guide for contributors you can download here.

We have also put together short interactive training modules which take you through how to make a contribution:

What can I contribute?

Many entries on the NHLE are quite brief, particularly older ones, and we need help to expand the information about these nationally important historic places.

What sort of information can I add to The List?

If you have information about the architecture, history or archaeology (or photographs) of any building or site on The List, which isn't currently recorded in the list entry, please do take part and share your knowledge. Before starting, search The List to find the existing list entry. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Should information be about the interior or exterior of a building?

Information about a building could include both the exterior and the interior.

Can I include information about people and events associated with a building or site?

Historic interest related to people or events is an important part of listing, so please do include this information where it is relevant.

What about cars in photographs?

Cars can obscure the building you are trying to photograph so should be avoided but it can be hard to do this in an urban area. If there are cars in your photograph (unless it's an old image) please don't include readable number plates.

Can I include links to external websites?

Please do include full website addresses to external material within your text where there is additional information published online such as a report, historic photograph or record in another database. This is particularly useful for linking to resources from local archives or local Historic Environment Records. It is also useful to include references to other published material not available online such as books.

Can I link to other related entries in the list?

Where there is a connection or a useful comparison to be made to another list entry please mention the List Entry Number that's shown on that place's list entry.

Can I include information about how to help a building or site?

No, however this information may be of use to our Heritage at Risk project.

Can I include photos? Can they include people?

Please do include photos of the entry, either general photos or to illustrate a particular point you are making. Up to four photos can be submitted each time. Photos of people where they are included in historic photos is acceptable, but if taking a photo to upload try to avoid close-ups of people. In such cases individuals should not be identifiable.

Do I need permission from the building owner to take photos?

Photos must be taken from public land or public rights of way. If taken from private land then permission must have been explicitly granted by the owner for the photo to be taken and uploaded. We may reject or remove the photo if we believe this is not the case or we receive a complaint.

Do I need to own the copyright for any photos I upload?

Yes, the photo must be yours or if a historic image you must have the rights to it to upload it. We may reject or remove the photo if we believe this is not the case or we receive a complaint of copyright infringement.

I have a collection of photos or images about a list entry, are you interested in them for the Archive?

The Historic England archive accepts donations relevant to its collecting remit please see Archive Aquisitions for further details.

Will the images from the Images of England project be added to the NHLE?

This is not currently planned.

Moderation of content

Will content be moderated?

All content will be checked by Historic England to make sure it is appropriate and meets our Enriching the List Terms and Conditions.

Will the content be checked for accuracy?

No, Historic England will only make sure that content is appropriate.

If my content is accepted when will it appear online and how will I know?

Content will appear as soon as it has been checked by Historic England and we will try to do this within two working days. You will receive a confirmation email once your contribution has been approved.

What happens if my content isn't accepted?

We will send you an email explaining why your content hasn't been accepted. This will help you to meet the requirements for publication of future submissions.

What do I do if I want to comment on information submitted by someone else?

You will be able to comment on content submitted by another user to provide more information on the point they are making. If you disagree with a comment, please provide evidence as to why it might be wrong and please be polite, remember that we are all trying to help improve the information available.

How to contribute content

Do I need to register to contribute?

Yes. We ask you to register online to be able to contribute. This is important so that you get the credit for the information and photos you provide. We may also need to contact you in relation to your submission. Registration takes around five minutes.


Will my contributions be attributed to me? Will my details be available online?

Your name will appear against your information, however your contact details will only be visible to Historic England and will not be shared without your permission.

Will the content I add be used for anything else - will I keep copyright?

The information you supply will be visible to all users of The List and as such will be available to all those involved in protecting, managing and preserving the historic environment. You will retain copyright of your photos but they will be available for use under licence with an acknowledgement.

Can I contact another contributor?

No. All contributors contact details will only be visible to Historic England.

Will my details be used for anything else?

Your details will only be used in relation to the information you supply to Enriching the List, unless you state that you wish to receive other information from Historic England.

Who can I speak to about Enriching the List queries?

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