Evaluation of Organic Bracken Control on Archaeological Features at Ingram Farm, Ingram, Northumberland Project Report – Year 4

Author(s): Chris Scott, Janet Simkin, Gillian Eadie

This document reports on the findings from a one year project extension of the Ingram Farm Bracken Project, funded by English Heritage and undertaken by Archaeological Research Services Ltd. The first three years of this project were funded by Natural England as part of a Higher Level Stewardship Agreement. The principal aim of the project has been the assessment, by controlled experiment, of non-chemical techniques of bracken control, including assessment of their physical impact and cost effectiveness. This information will be used to inform the future conservation management of archaeological remains on farmland in Higher Level Stewardship and the new Countryside Stewardship scheme, and the payments made to farmers for bracken control. It will also inform future Historic England advice on bracken management. The experiment was set up at Ingram Farm in the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland, an area where extensive bracken stands have developed since grazing pressure was reduced, and where these are now thought to be causing significant damage to archaeological features.

Report Number:
Environmental Impact Assessment


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