RAF Woolfox Lodge, Horn, Rutland

Author(s): Roger Thomas

RAF Woolfox Lodge consists of a former Second World War airfield and a Bloodhound Mk I Surface to Air Guided Weapon (SAGW) station, one of eleven 'Stage 1' SAGW sites guarding the RAF's nuclear deterrent force. For the purposes of this report, only the Bloodhound 'Stage 1' station will be examined. The site is situated adjacent to the Al Great North Road, some 10-km (6.25 miles) northeast of Stamford. It consists of a total of forty-eight structures/features, including thirty-two missile standings and various maintenance, control, and ancillary buildings, all of which were originally enclosed by a chain-link perimeter fence, the circumference of which has been reduced in extent.

Report Number:
Modern Airfield Second World War Cold War Bloodhound Missile Launch Site


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