Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Author(s): Wayne D Cocroft

The War Room is a heavily protected double-storey, surface bunker. It was constructed about 1953 for the Regional Commissioner of Home Defence Region 12, to provide protection against the effects of atomic weapons. This role was, however, relatively short-lived and in the mid to late 1950s, in the wake of the development of the Hbomb, the regional War Rooms were superseded by more heavily protected Regional Seats of Government. The Tunbridge Wells War Room was, however, reactivated in the early 1960s as a Sub-Regional Control, a role it fulfilled until 1972 when the administrative structure of the Sub-Regional Controls was reorganised. It was subsequently used as a police communications centre. At the time of the RCHME investigation, in September 1997, the War Room was being demolished.

Report Number:
Modern Cold War Nuclear Command Centre


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