Identifying Opportunities for Integrated Adaptive Management of Heritage Change and Transformation in England: A Review of Relevant Policy and Current Practice

Author(s): Caitlin DeSilvey, Harald Fredheim, Amber Blundell, Rodney Harrison

This report aims to summarise relevant statutory frameworks and policy guidance from the assumed perspective of an owner or manager anticipating the challenge of managing unpredictable (and sometimes inevitable) change to the form and fabric of designated heritage assets. In doing so it contributes to the development of the concept of adaptive release, defined as an active decision to accommodate the dynamic transformation of a heritage asset and its associated values and significance. The scope of the report is limited to assets and landscapes with statutory designations in England, with a focus on the way in which current policy and legal frameworks may constrain or facilitate decision-making around the accommodation of adaptive release and similar approaches.

Report Number:
Research Report


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