The Transatlantic Slave Economy and England’s Built Environment: A Research Audit

Author(s): Mary Wills, Madge Dresser

Much work has been done over recent decades to understand England’s role in transatlantic slavery. In early 2020 Historic England commissioned a research audit of how this transatlantic slave economy is reflected in England's built heritage. It brings together the work of historians, heritage organisations, local and community researchers, and BAME research networks which has identified the tangible presence of England’s slavery past in buildings, houses, streets, industrial heritage, urban fabrics and rural landscapes. The audit was conducted during the nationwide closure of public buildings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was therefore solely a desk-based project and consultation with published works unavailable online was not possible. It was also difficult to make contact with a number of heritage groups during this period. A searchable bibliography is available at Further information on Historic England’s research on the slave trade and abolition is available at

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Research Report


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