Royal Garrison Church, Southsea, City of Portsmouth: Report on Geophysical Survey, April 2021

Author(s): Neil Linford

A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was conducted at the Royal Garrison Church, Southsea, City of Portsmouth, to investigate the immediate vicinity of a known bricked vault beneath the choir screen separating the partially open outer nave from the main church. The GPR survey was conducted in response to a request from the English Heritage Trust who are replacing the current damaged choir screen above the vault. The survey covered an area of ~15 m x 10 m in accessible areas of both the outer and inner naves in an attempt to locate and define both known and unrecorded vaults and graves to avoid damage from heavy plant required for the repairs. While access to the brick vault beneath the choir screen was partially restricted the survey suggests it does not extend east beyond the porch but may continue into the inner nave. Other anomalies correspond to known graves, vaults and access points with several unrecorded graves also suggested by the survey.

Report Number:
Research Report
Ground Penetrating Radar


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