Monks’ Hall, Eccles, Salford, Greater Manchester: Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers

Author(s): Alison Arnold, Robert Howard

Dendrochronological analysis was undertaken on timbers associated with the original sixteenth-century timber-framed structure and a floor, thought likely to be inserted, within the northern range at this building complex. A single site sequence containing 21 samples, from both elements, has been dated to the period AD 1416–1585. It is now known that a main beam from the floor was felled in AD 1584 and two common joists, a tiebeam, and a rail from the timber-framing were felled in AD 1586. Interpretation of the sapwood on the other dated samples suggests felling of these timbers also occurred in the mid-AD 1580s. Tree-ring dating has demonstrated rather unexpectedly that the timber-framing and the floor appear likely, in the absence of any evidence of resetting or reuse of timbers, to be contemporary, with both elements dating to the later-sixteenth century.

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