The Fleece, Westgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire: Tree-Ring Analysis of Oak and Elm Timbers

Author(s): Dr Martin Bridge, Cathy Tyers

Dendrochronological analysis of oak and elm timbers from the main range, the rear extension, the undercroft, and the Westgate range has resulted in the dating of 26 timbers. Twenty-five dated timbers from the main range and the Westgate range show that these two ranges are broadly contemporaneous. One timber in the Westgate range was felled in the summer of AD 1472, another in the main range was felled in the summer of AD 1476 with all other dated timbers all having similar likely felling dates. A beam in the undercroft was felled somewhat later in the summer of AD 1645. None of the elm timbers were dated.

Report Number:
Research Report
Dendrochronology Standing Building


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