Sutton Town Centre, London Borough of Sutton: Early Sutton - To Inform the Present for the Future Archaeological Assessment and Reappraisal of the Archaeological Priority Area

Author(s): Charlotte Malone

As part of the Sutton Heritage Action Zone, Oxford Archaeology was commissioned to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the archaeological evidence within Sutton Town Centre in order to enhance understanding of the archaeological potential of Sutton and explore the early development of the town and its relationship with the surrounding landscape. Focusing upon the early development of Sutton, Oxford Archaeology, in collaboration with members of the Carshalton and District History and Archaeological Society, carried out a programme of desk-based research and rapid site survey in order to characterise the nature of the archaeological resource within Sutton. The research was used to create a period based potential model highlighting the parts of the town centre with the potential to contain surviving prehistoric, Roman, Saxon and medieval remains and also identifying parts of the town where ground disturbance had occurred. The results of this research were used to determine parts of the town with particular significance and sensitivity which were used to redefine the scope of the Archaeological Priority Areas within Sutton. This report will form part of the evidence base for the Sutton Town Centre Master Plan and will help to guide future development within the town.

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