Wigmore Castle, Herefordshire : Report on Geophysical Surveys, August 1998

Author(s): Andy Payne

Earth resistance and magnetometer surveys were conducted in the outer (or lower) bailey enclosure of Wigmore Castle and over the remains of a smaller series of outworks at Green Hill further to the east. The purpose of the surveys was to assess the potential contribution of geophysical techniques to widening the understanding of the castle and its immediate environs. Survey of the outer bailey was moderately successful, revealing the probable lines of defensive ditches bounding the northern side of the enclosure and other possible evidence of occupation including two apparent rubble spreads, possibly related to the location of former building remains. The results from the second area east of the outer bailey are difficult to assess because of the limited size of the area surveyed and the steep topography of the earthworks. Some evidence of former stone structures may have been detected on the two mounds that make up the site, but would require verification by trial trenching.

Report Number:
Research Department Reports
Earth Resistance Geophysical Survey Magnetometer Medieval


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