Animal Bones from Newbury, Berks: Excavations in Cheap Street 1981-82

Author(s): J P Coy

This third of three reports from Newbury examines material from 12th to 18th century AD. As well as the common domestic species, it provides evidence of some wild species of mammal and bird, and of fish and marine molluscs. Again there was an extensive sieving programme, material from which was scanned. Only dateable material was fully computer-coded. From the back of the site a large quantity of material from garden soils was scanned and some attempt made to look for dating evidence from the bones. Once again the early phases show an important concent- ration on sheep. Cattle dominates in terms of fragment numbers as well as meat in the late medieval and post- medieval deposits. There is, however, only a suspicion of a rise in pig bones (better seen at Bartholomew St.).The report rounds off discussion of Newbury. The measured bone sample is quite small but already gives anindication that size changes similar to those described by Bourdillon for Southampton may have been taking place

Report Number:
AML Reports (New Series)
Animal Bone Animal Remains Bird Bone Fish Bone


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