The Conference Centre, Whalley Abbey, Whalley, Lancashire : Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers

Author(s): Dr Martin Bridge

A total of 28 timbers was sampled from various areas within the Conference Centre, of which nine had ring series too short for further analysis. Only six timbers could be dated, all of which appear to form a single group of timbers most likely felled in the period AD 1478–1508. This is later than the AD 1440s date by which it is thought the original Abbot’s lodgings had been completed, and earlier than the known remodelling by Bishop Paslew in c. AD 1520, but may relate to the building of the north-west gateway in AD 1480. Two joists from the cellar of the ground floor south-east corner room matched each other well, but their combined series did not date.

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