Old Clarendon Building, Oxford, Oxfordshire : Tree-Ring Dating

Author(s): Daniel Miles, Michael Worthington

Thirteen timbers thought to be from the primary construction phase were sampled at the Old Clarendon Building, Oxford. Eleven samples were combined to form the 173-ring site master CLRNDNOX with a date span from AD 1539 to AD 1711. Eight of the samples retained complete sapwood and were felled during winter AD 1711/12 through to spring AD 1712. The other three dated samples were found to have felling date ranges consistent with these precise felling dates. As the documented construction date for the building is AD 1711–13, these results clearly show that original timbers survive in the building. In addition it appears likely that the timbers were specifically felled for the construction of this building and were therefore not stockpiled.

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