Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from Ravens Farm, 8 Church Street, Misterton, Nottinghamshire

Author(s): Alison Arnold, Cliff Litton

In November 2001 ten samples were taken from timbers of the earliest phase. In April 2002 the Laboratory returned and took a further seventeen samples, an additional four from this earlier phase and thirteen from the later phase, the west wing. All suitable samples from both sampling visits were analysed, resulting in the construction of site sequence MSTCSQ01. The site sequence contains eleven samples, all from the earlier phase, and spans the period AD 1482-1634. This site sequence contains sample MST-B02 which has complete sapwood, and a last-ring date of AD 1634, the felling date for the timber represented. Interpretation of the sapwood of the other timbers in this site sequence points towards an estimated felling date in the range AD 1629-49, consistent with an AD 1634 felling. Attempts to date the remaining samples individually resulted in sample MST-C09, from the west wing, being dated to the period AD 1426-82. This sample has complete sapwood and the last ring date is the felling date. This further work confirmed and strengthened the results gained in 2001; that the earlier phase was constructed from timbers, at least one of which was felled in AD 1634, with the others thought likely to be felled at this time also. One sample from the west wing was dated, to a felling date of AD 1482 and is considered reused.

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