Stanton Drew Stone Circles and Avenues, Stanton Drew, Bath and North East Somerset: Report on Geophysical Survey, July 2017

Author(s): Neil Linford, Paul Linford, Andy Payne, Susan Greaney

Caesium magnetometer and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys were conducted over the stone circles and avenues, at Stanton Drew, Bath and North East Somerset, following a request from the English Heritage Trust who manage the site. The aim of the current field work was to complement previous geophysical surveys at the site and assist English Heritage with the production of new interpretation panels for the monument. The vehicle towed caesium magnetometer survey (7.3ha) extended previous, targeted coverage, with a hand held instrument to complement and enhance the wider fluxgate gradiometer results. Magnetic anomalies from the main henge ditch and the concentric pit circles have been confirmed, together with some greater detail of some more subtle responses seen in the previous surveys. While trial GPR surveys have been conducted at the site before, the new high sample density GPR survey (4.7ha) has produced a complementary data set, replicating many of the magnetic anomalies and providing some indication of the depth and survival of the underlying causative features.

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Caesium Vapour Geophysical Survey Ground Penetrating Radar Magnetometer Neolithic


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