Investigating the Submerged Pleistocene Landscapes of the Wallet, off Clacton

Author(s): Rachel Bynoe

Recent Historic England projects identified the need for a greater appreciation of the Pleistocene submerged landscapes around the coast of England. This type of research is essential in order to move towards a coherent understanding of the relationship between the currently terrestrial fragments of Palaeolithic landscapes and those that have been obscured by Holocene sea-level rise. Three key areas of necessary research have been highlighted: large scale offshore characterisation projects, research on Pleistocene deposits at a smaller, targeted level, and establishing best practice in the investigation of these deposits This project used information derived from trawled animal bones to target specific, high potential areas of seabed for investigation. As such it addressed the latter two areas of identified gaps in research and aimed to provide a new method for the identification and investigation of fragmentary Pleistocene submerged deposits.

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Maritime Palaeolithic Pleistocene Marine


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