Affordable Rural Housing

High house prices in recent years have made it increasingly difficult for people to get on the housing ladder or to rent a home at a market rent.

Despite the effects of the current economic downturn and short to medium term price fluctuations in housing, the long term problem of housing supply and affordability in rural areas is likely to remain.

In rural areas, where house prices have on average risen faster and higher than in urban areas, this has become a particularly acute problem for the young and others on low incomes.

Research has shown that a large proportion of newly formed households in rural areas cannot afford to set up home in the ward where they currently live.

As the countryside often appears to be prosperous, housing problems can be less visible than in towns and cities, but rural incomes are on average lower than urban incomes and only 5% of homes in rural areas are affordable compared to the national average of 23%.

Historic England's position

Historic England supports the Government’s aim to increase affordable housing in rural areas.