Sources of Further Information

Government guidance on neighbourhood planning

Joint advice from statutory consultees

Sources of information on the historic environment

Sources of information on neighbourhood planning

Assessment tools

  • Placecheck provides a method of taking the first steps in deciding how to improve an area
  • The Building in Context Toolkit grew out of the publication 'Building in Context' published by English Heritage and CABE in 2001. The purpose of the publication is to stimulate a high standard of design when development takes place in historically sensitive contexts. The founding principle is that all successful design solutions depend on allowing time for a thorough site analysis and character appraisal of context.
  • Understanding Historic Places: a web page outlining a number of approaches available for identifying and interpreting the historic dimensions of present day landscapes or townscapes. They can be used singly or in combination, depending on the purpose, scope, and scale of a project.
  • Oxford Character Assessment Toolkit
  • Your Place Matters
  • Our Place Toolkit
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