Collection: C W Phillips Collection

1930 - 1939
East Lindsey, Lincolnshire
Collection containing Photographic material
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Charles William Phillips (1901-1985) was an archaeologist, history don, librarian and Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge. From the 1920s until 1939 he was an academic and a keen amateur archaeologist, working primarily on excavations in Lincolnshire and The Fens. In 1939 he was put in charge of the excavation of the ship burial at Sutton Hoo. After the war he became a professional archaeologist working as Archaeology Officer of the Ordnance Survey from 1947 until his retirement.

This small collection comprises 15 copy photographs of C. W. Phillips' excavations at Giant's Hills long barrows in 1934-1935, along with other Lincolnshire long barrows on which Phillips worked including: Beacon Hill, Walmsgate; Spellow Hills, Sutterby; Cromwell's Grave, Swinhope; Deadman's Grave, Claxby-by-Alford; Tathwell; Ash Hill, Swinhope . Most are annotated with the site name. Four of the prints are stamped ‘by H. E. Hallam’.

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Photograph (Print): 15


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Archaeological Field Investigator: Phillips, Charles William


Neolithic Long Barrow, Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery