Series: Christopher Dalton Files

1960 - 2008
Series containing Textual material
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The series comprises about 400 files compiled by Christopher Dalton between about 1960 and 2008. A list of subjects follows:

Box 1: D.W.I. [Donald Insall] correspondence 1974-1982; invoices 1990-2001; Friends of Friendless Churches and AMS 1986-2003 Box 2: Ealing [photography course notes]; Schools of Photography; Penguin / Hamlyn; D.W.I. [Donald Insall]; Other Photographic Jobs; Country Life etc.

Box 3: Shell Guides; Friends of Friendless churches and AMS 1980-1985; Friends of Friendless churches / RCF [Redundant Churches Fund] to end of 1975; Job Hunting 1991; Kerrs Collins Guide [information provided for the revision of the Betjeman Collins Guide to churches]; Gibraltar; Landscape [photographic work and contributions to the journal 'Landscape']; N. Taylor [Nicholas Taylor] Boxes 4-8: RCF files [by year / period representing Dalton's work for the Redundant Churches Fund] 1975-2001 Box 8: Lists of negatives


This is part of the Collection: CJD01 The Christopher Dalton Collection

This Series contains the following materials:
File: 400