Volume: Portchester Castle, Hampshire.

Jan 1907 - Oct 2014
Portchester Castle, Castle Street, Portchester, Fareham, Fareham, Hampshire
Volume containing Graphic, Electronic and Textual material
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624 sheets, beginning with a few from the 1920s and 1930s, with many from the late 20th century and the late 1970s and early 1980s. These include rectified photography and photogrammetric surveys.

Many relate to a new bridge at the entrance gateway, as well as a proposed footbridge over the moat. Some show excavations carried out in the courtyard, and also Norman, Roman and post-Roman features and walls. There are numerous sections, elevations and plans of the keep, as well as plans of its roof. Some sheets depict the custodians cottage and the proposed lavatories and extension there.

Numerous photogrammetric elevations show various aspects of Portchester Castle, including the keep, gatehouse, porch range, Assheton's Tower, the exchequer chamber and the great hall. A few plans show the twelfth-, mid-fourteenth- and seventeenth- century features, and many of the plans are intended for publication.

A great number of sheets depict the setting out of the new shop, and there are several electrical drawings relating to the keep, new museum and the landgate. Many rectified photographic elevations show the north, south and west walls.

There are six oversized drawings showing a new bridge at the entrance gateway and plans of the castle site.

More recent sheets include rectified photography of the Richard II palace and Watergate.


This is part of the Series: EHC01/022 English Heritage Plans and Measured Drawings; within the Collection: EHC01 English Heritage(EH):Archive

This Volume is divided into 8 Jobs and 457 Child Records
This Volume contains the following materials:
Excavation Drawing: 10
Measured Drawing: 464
Measured Survey: 5
Photogrammetric Survey: 81
Rectified Photography: 42
Sketch: 1
Sketch Plan: 12
Photograph (Digital): 134
Correspondence: 1


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