Wing Battery, Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury, Essex: Survey Report

Author(s): Moraig Brown, Paul Pattison

In October 2000, English Heritage carried out survey and analysis of archaeological remains of the Wing Battery, immediately to the south of Coalhouse fort at East Tilbury in Essex. The battery consists of four gun emplacements arranged as two pairs. Each pair is served by a small ammunition store (or magazine) protected from hostile bombardment by large earthen mounds. Each gun emplacement has its own ammunition lockers for ready-use. The gun emplacements are set within a large protective oval mound, designed to absorb in-coming bombardment. The mound is situated immediately behind the river wall, the juxtaposition of which provides a narrow ditch at the base of the glaçis. A water-filled drainage ditch on the landward side of the river wall was diverted to run around the sides and rear of the battery, providing a moat. (This was report 6/2003 in a previous series)

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