Cheshire Aerial Investigation and Mapping Project: The Chester Environs

Author(s): Joel Goodchild

This report describes the methodology and discusses the results of the Cheshire Aerial Investigation and Mapping Project: the Chester environs. Aerial photographs and lidar images were used to map archaeological features surrounding the city of Chester. The project was completed to Historic England (HE) standards and was funded by HE through the National Heritage Protection Commissions Programme (NHPCP). The project was carried out by an Archaeological Research Services Ltd (ARS Ltd) Assistant Projects Officer, based with HE’s Aerial Investigation & Mapping Team (North) in York. The survey covered a total of 218 Ordnance Survey kilometre grid squares around the city of Chester. This includes the Cheshire Plain incorporating the Dee valley south of Chester and the northern extent of the Mid-Cheshire Ridge. These areas were chosen because of their archaeological significance, with evidence for continued human occupation stretching back to the Mesolithic period, and the risk posed to this resource by proposed development. Project highlights include the identification of a number of Roman enclosures and extensive medieval field systems covering much of the Cheshire Plain. The main products of the project were digital transcriptions of the form and extent of archaeological features seen on aerial images with supporting descriptions in the National Record of the Historic Environment (NRHE). These are available from the HE Archive and were supplied to the Cheshire Historic Environment Record (HER). Monument records are available online on the Pastscape website (http://pastscape. The project was carried out between September 2018 and December 2019.

Report Number:
Research Report
Aerial Photograph Interpretation Aerial Photography Lidar Survey


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