Hardwick House, Southam Road, Banbury, Cherwell, Oxfordshire: Tree-ring Analysis of Oak and Elm Timbers

Author(s): Dr Martin Bridge, Cathy Tyers

Timbers from three roofs and a beam in the cellar were investigated. The roof of the east range included an inserted principal rafter to one truss and an inserted elm purlin, neither of which dated. Dated timbers from this roof gave a likely felling date range for the group of AD 1354–83, although evidence from the detached, but complete sapwood from one sample suggests the actual felling date was likely to be in the early part of this range. Two timbers from the roof of the north range dated, one retaining the heartwood/sapwood boundary at AD 1468, giving a likely felling date range of AD 1477–1509. Two other principal rafters were thought to have originated from a single tree, but could not be dated. The majority of timbers in the roof of the west range were of elm and, although three elm samples matched each other, none of the timbers dated. A beam in the cellar retained the heartwood/sapwood boundary and gave a likely felling date range of AD 1558–90.

Report Number:
Research Report
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