Great Weston Heritage Action Zone, Weston super-Mare, North Somerset, Aerial Investigation and Mapping Project

Author(s): E Carpenter

The Weston-super-Mare Heritage Action Zone is a partnership project to promote awareness of the historic environment to inform the delivery of heritage-led economic growth. The aerial investigation and mapping described in this report complements other research by Historic England on historic buildings and urban development, and an assessment of historic character by Land Use Consultants. Aerial photographs document changes to Weston over almost 100 years. They show in some detail the development of the seaside resort between the wars. RAF aerial photographs taken during and just after the Second World War shows some of the ways in which Weston was affected by that conflict. The historic aerial photographs also provide a detailed view of the post-Second World War house building undertaken in the town. The deeper history of the town was revealed in airborne laser scanning (lidar) data of Worlebury Iron Age hillfort. From both these sources, four main themes have emerged and these form the four thematic chapters of this report. Although many of the features discussed in this report were previously mapped in the earlier aerial investigation projects, additional aerial sources have provided new information.

Report Number:
Research Report
Iron Age Modern Aerial Photograph Interpretation Anti-Aircraft Battery Lidar Survey Area Assessment Second World War Heritage Action Zone


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