Marden Henge and Environs, Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, A report for the National Mapping Programme

Author(s): Edward Carpenter, H Winton

Published no date

This report describes the methods and results of the Marden Henge and Environs National Mapping Programme (NMP) project. Aerial photographs, taken from the 1930s to present, were studied and all archaeological features were mapped and recorded. The report discusses perceptions of the Vale and its archaeology. Remains of prehistoric funerary monuments and possible prehistoric or Roman settlement enclosures were seen on the edges of the Vale and along the river to the south east of Marden henge. Medieval or post-medieval settlement remains were seen in and around some of the modern villages. Extensive earthworks of post-medieval water meadows flanked virtually all the streams in the Vale, but many were ploughed level. Aerial photographs from the 1940s recorded many structures associated with the Second World War.

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