The Shopfronts of Lowestoft High Street, Suffolk: Research and Investigation

Author(s): Katie Carmichael

This report forms part of the broader Historic England contribution to the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) programme. It examines the shopfronts of Lowestoft High Street, describing the style and likely date of surviving examples and discussing lost examples seen in archived plans and images. The elements which combine to form most historic shopfronts are discussed, as are the requirements of specialist shops. The styles and features most characteristic of different eras of shopfront design are explored and the shopfronts of Lowestoft High Street are examined with a view to ascribing a date based on these attributes. Extant examples (or elements thereof) of shopfronts on Lowestoft High Street range in date from c.1840 to the present day.

Report Number:
Research Report
Modern Standing Building Building Investigation Building Heritage Heritage Action Zone


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