104 Brize Norton Road, Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire

This bungalow was built in 1847. It is part of a planned rural development called Charterville. Charterville was the third of five estates established by the Chartist Land Company. The company was formed by a Feargus O'Connor in 1845. It was to enable poor people from factory towns to live on small holdings, providing food for themselves and qualifying for a vote. However the labourers from the Midlands and the North that moved in did not stay long. They were not used to the rural way of life that had been created by the idealistic planners. The company used subscribers money to buy and develop land. The developed plots were then awarded to members via a lottery system. The company ran into financial problems and was dissolved in July 1851.


Oxfordshire Minster Lovell


Victorian (1837 - 1901)


social welfare housing worker Victorian (1837 - 1901)