313 Welcombe Avenue, Park North, Swindon

A group of dignitaries opening the 4000th 'Easiform' house at Swindon. 'Easiform' was a type of prefabrication where concrete was poured into moulds on site to make parts such as walls. John Laing and Son Ltd developed the process from 1919 onwards. It enabled houses to be built quickly and was used after both world wars when a large number of houses had to be built in a short time. In 1952 Swindon became an 'overspill' town under the Town Development Act. Overspill towns were chosen to take people and industry from London. The idea was to stop London growing too big and to give Swindon new industries not connected to the railways. Swindon grew at a rapid pace due to this policy. The house is still standing in 2013. This photograph comes from the John Laing Company Archive.


Swindon Swindon


1960s (1960 - 1969)


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